Indiana is home to the most hard-working, intelligent, and innovative farmers in the country, and they are the backbone of our state.  The pandemic was tough on all sectors, but none more than farming.  Between the rising costs of equipment and the plummeting prices for corn, wheat, and soybeans, area farmers took a hit.

As your Representative, I will focus on the following:

Rural broadband:  Pairing technology with agriculture is the wave of the future.  Expanding broadband infrastructure will bring technological advances to the farming community.  Using technology and analytics in agriculture allows farmers to “see real-time information on soil conditions, water availability, fertility needs, and pest effects.  During a harvest, farmers can track crop yields and quality.  This information allows farmers to make better decisions and optimize land use.”

Legalizing Cannabis:  Legalizing cannabis, as well as allowing for the production and harvesting of industrial hemp, is a potential windfall for area farmers.  The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp cultivation, however, Indiana Republicans have been slow to respond leaving the farmers of our state behind their counterparts in other areas of the country.

The economy is on the rebound.  The price of corn, soybeans, and wheat is skyrocketing, more than doubling prices seen in 2020 and setting records.  Adding the ability to harvest industrial hemp or medicinal/recreational cannabis to the mix gives our farmers another avenue for success.